A Science/Technology WhatsApp group connects individuals interested in the latest developments in science and technology. Members can share articles, discuss scientific discoveries, explore technological innovations, and debate the implications of new advancements.
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Political whatsapp groups

Fluent in 📝English as well as 💻computer science🖥Join
Computer science, tech & AI discussions 🖥️🧠Join
Learn political scienceJoin
Political science of subcontinentJoin
Political Science College Group B.A 1st year.Join
Political Science college groupJoin
MTB DSC,SEC political scienceJoin
2025 political Science online පන්තියJoin
Political Science 1st Sem DSC-1 MTB College All Information Group 2023 - 24 📘♥️Join
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Class 12th whatsapp groups

Class 12th ScienceJoin
12th Science & Art 2023Join
12th science D Boy'sJoin
Jac science 12thJoin
Class 12th science CHSE discuss with note group 📚Join
Science class 1st to12th🌱Join
12th science pdfJoin
Science class 1st to12th🌱Join
12th science pdfJoin
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Grade 11 whatsapp groups

Grade 11 Science O/L 21Join
science 6-11 doubt clear Join
Sripali 11 ❣️science ❣️Join
SCIENCE GRADE 10 & 11 ♦90Join
Grade 11 science lessons ⏫⏫Join
School Science Group 11Join
Grade 11 revision 2023/2024 English meduim science Join
11th class science group📚Join
9🛑 SCIENCE Grade 10/11Join
SCIENCE Grade 11 (3)Join
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Class 10 whatsapp groups

✍️Grade 10 science ✍️Join
Grade 10 zoom science Join
Science class 10Join
SCIENCE GRADE 10 & 11 ♦90Join
10th cls math & science study group (3s education)Join
Class10 Math & ScienceJoin
👩‍🎓Science Grade 10 online semina ❤Join
9🛑 SCIENCE Grade 10/11Join
Class 10 Math and ScienceJoin
Science 💙❤ O/L Starting from grade 10Join
🌡️💉GRADE 9,10 SCIENCE 🧪🦠Join
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Grade 9 whatsapp groups

👍 Plant Science 19/05Join
Free Science Grade 9Join
SCIENCE GRADE 10 & 11 ♦90Join
09➣𝐈𝐄 SCIENCE BRAND එක 2023✪✪✪Join
9🛑 SCIENCE Grade 10/11Join
🌡️💉GRADE 9,10 SCIENCE 🧪🦠Join
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Grade 8 whatsapp groups

Gr. 8 Science in Tamil MJoin
8 new science Join
Grade 8 SCIENCE NewJoin
Grade 8 SCIENCE Join
Grade 06,07,08 Maths & Science groupJoin
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Grade 6 whatsapp groups

Grade 7 zoom science Join
Grade 06,07,08 Maths & Science groupJoin
Grade 6 zoom scienceJoin
Science masti 62Join
science 6-11 doubt clear Join
Grade 6 Free Science ClsJoin
Grade 06,07,08 Maths & Science groupJoin
Grade 6 to 11 Maths , Science & ICT 👨🏻‍🏫👨‍🎓📚Join
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